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  • The Story of Texas A&MThe Story of Texas A&M
  • Navasota - Train TownNavasota - Train Town
  • Story of Cynthia Ann ParkerStory of Cynthia Ann Parker
  • Camels in TexasCamels in Texas
  • Branding the BrazosBranding the Brazos

Tom Lea - Art Trail

Tom Lea (1907-2001) was a genius of the twentieth century who worked as a muralist, illustrator, war correspondent, novelist, historian and easel painter.  He worked alone in his native El Paso for most of his life and was never associated with Art World trends.  Waco and Bryan/College Station connect the Tom Lea Trail to the Texas Brazos Trail.  Find out more by reading the full story....

The Parker Family Saga

When pioneer Silas Parker arrived at the crossroads of a vast blackland prairie and the post oak woodlands along the Navasota River in the early 1800s, he had no idea that his life, and that of his children, would soon change forever.


Texas A&M University, perhaps one of the most recognized education institutions in the nation, owes its existence to the 1862 Morrill Act, a Texas Legislature-approved land auction that helped established an endowment for financing the state’s first institution of higher learning. Nine years later Brazos County saw the formation of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas on twenty-four hundred acres of donated land (courtesy of the county), resulting in the birth of a Texas icon.

The Great Train Mashup

Before spectacles like monster truck rallies, NASCAR, and pumpkin chunking, Texans had to be content with the occasional fireworks display gone wrong, human cannonballs, and swimming pigs for their dose of entertainment thrills. Then, in 1895, along came George William Crush, a sedate and mild-mannered passenger agent for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad (known as the Katy line) who harbored an underutilized P.T. Barnum-like skill for creating and promoting spectacles.

Branding the Brazos

The Chisholm Trail – the very name conjures up images of cowboys and longhorns. An important part of Texas folklore and history, the Chisholm trail is a big part of Waco’s history, too.  "Branding the Brazos" is a public art sculpture project which celebrates the important history of the Chisholm Trail in Waco.