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  • The Story of Texas A&MThe Story of Texas A&M
  • Navasota - Train TownNavasota - Train Town
  • Story of Cynthia Ann ParkerStory of Cynthia Ann Parker
  • Camels in TexasCamels in Texas
  • Branding the BrazosBranding the Brazos

The 1953 Waco Tornado

According to an old Huaco Native American legend, tornadoes could not touch down in Waco. Most storms in the area travel from west to east and split around the Waco area due to the bluffs around the Brazos River, making tornadoes and extreme weather relatively rare and mild in the city. The 1953 storm, however, traveled against the prevailing winds, and the tornado approached Waco from the south-southwest.  The F5 tornado remains among the deadliest in our nation's history...

Navasota - A Train Town

Navasota, a small town about 1 hour north of Houston, became prosperous thanks to the railroad (like many towns in the region). Read about the railroad history of this charming rural city below

Texas Camel Corp

Did you know that camels played a role in helping to settle the American West - particularly in Texas? The Texas Camel Corp, located in Valley Mills (30 mins west of Waco), is committed to preserving and retelling the history of these great animals and how they benefit not only Texas but the rest of the country.