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Living History

Two women weaving a blanket
Jordan-Bauchman Pioneer Farm, Austin


How often have you thought about traveling back in time? Impossible? Not quite. Organizations like the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums, along with many Living History programs at historic sites around the state, go to great lengths to bring the past to life.  The term “living history”, defined as various activities recreating the living conditions of the past, differs from “re-enactments”, another exciting way to experience our past through staged specific events in history such as battles. Instead, living history events provide a way to relive our heritage by witnessing the day-to-day enterprise of our ancestors. Daily chores, early manufacturing processes, crafts, agricultural techniques, even music are but a few of the routine activities rediscovered, interpreted, and illustrated by volunteers across the state who don authentic garb and perform real tasks that have long been replaced by technological advances and automation. Our frontier fort sites and historic homes are among the best places to witness living history including the Barrington Living History Farm at Washington on the Brazos, the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Fort Griffin near Albany and its annual Living History Days, and San Angelo’s Fort Concho where a tour guide in authentic military dress explains the details of frontier Texas life. Pick a site and check their calendar today for living history schedules or dramatic re-enactments. The past may be happening (once again) today! 

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